Bitten by a Tick? Steps to Take

Important steps to take if you are bitten by a tick:

  • Save the tick. Laboratories can test the tick for the presence of lyme and associated coinfections. Bay Area Lyme Foundation now performs free tick testing. For more information visit

  • If a rash develops take pictures of it and see your doctor immediately. Pictures may help your doctor in making the diagnosis.

  • Understand that a rash does not always appear in early Lyme Disease, so any symptoms should be addressed with your doctor.

  • See a doctor immediately. The sooner treatment is started the better the results are.

  • Go to for a list of lyme literate MDs (LLMD). Otherwise, take a copy of the ILADS treatment guidelines with you for your doctor

tick removal with tweezers

Laboratories vary in terms of the depth of lyme testing provided. We prefer to use the following:

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