Patient Testimonials

Dr. Patel has been a Godsend for me. Over the years, I had been to see many doctors and had never come up with any "real" answers. I felt so grateful that, through him, I have finally learned the core reason for my symptoms.

A chance meeting with one of his patients led me to his office. After tests and evaluations, he determined that I had Lyme disease and co-infections. I was so suprised, but relieved! I now had an answer.

Dr. Patel is a kind and caring healer. He always takes the time to make sure I understand his protocol. I have always known that I can trust his treatment plan. His wonderfully helpful assistant, Suzie, is just a phone call away whenever I need guidance between appointments.

Dr. Patel is extremely knowledgable and always keeps abreast of new developments in healing Lyme disease. He is passionate about helping his patients receive the very best care available and tailors their treatment plans to fit their individual needs.

It has been an amazing journey. The difference in my health today compared to how it was when I first visited Dr. Patel is remarkable. I was in a downward spiral before I started treatment. Now, I live life happier, healthier, and with gratitude. I know that the future is even brighter.

C. K.

We've had health challenges our whole lives, but no one could figure out what was wrong with us until a few years ago when we were finally tested and diagnosed with Lyme/ClRS. And as anyone with those diagnoses learns, things don't necessarily get simpler from there. Finding a doctor who knows how to treat these illnesses is hard--but finding a GREAT doctor is more of an epic quest! When we finally discovered Dr. Patel, we knew he would be the right copilot for our recovery. So we moved across the country to become a patient of his....

Choosing Dr. Patel was one of the best, most important decisions we’ve ever made for our health. During each of our appointments, his deep, steady intelligence and laser focus directs our treatment with uniquely tailored, detailed precision. When we sit with him, we know we have his full attention and care and a wealth of experience to support his intuition about what will be best for each of us. He is practical, compassionate, comprehensive in his expertise, and is always researching new treatment modalities to help his patients. He listens carefully to everything we report and works WITH us rather than simply telling us what to do. We've met a lot of doctors over the years and fully appreciate what a rarity that is.

And now, for the first time in decades, we are finally seeing the kinds of changes in our health that we've been waiting a lifetime to experience. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Patel for his dedication and guidance and highly recommend him to anyone looking to reclaim their health--and their lives.

One more point we'd like to add--we love the office and nursing staff! Patients with these kinds of illnesses often have many urgent (and emotional) needs. The phones are answered by real people; questions and requests are responded to in a timely manner, and when we go there for appointments and treatments we feel like we are visiting with family. They are true professionals who embody a unique combination of kindness and skill. Their nourishing support is a blessing and one we deeply, deeply appreciate.


I've been seeing Dr. Patel for a little over two years.

The 4 years prior to seeing him, I had been living in a house with mold, but I didn't know about it. I had been slowly declining: less energy/enthusiasm for life, constant headaches, poor sleep, poor digestion, I was constantly getting ill with this or that. I saw a number of doctors, one of which told me I had mono (it seemed to fit). Almost two years later my wife found Dr. Patel and I went to see him...

He was the first doctor who really listened to me. If I told him about a new symptom, he took it seriously. His testing was thorough. After being diagnosed with mold illness and Marcons, I began treatment. It has taken two years, but I feel more energetic than I have in a loooong time. My brain works again, I can work out again, I can get the occasional bad night's sleep and still function, my headaches are nearly gone, I sleep through the night. To say it is a complete transformation would almost be an understatement.

I deeply respect and appreciate Dr. Patel. I feel like I have an ally and friend in my doctor for the first time since moving to California 12 years ago.

Gabe S.

For the previous 10 years, I had been spinning through the medical system being very sick at times, but pronounced healthy. I was prescribed barbiturates for pain and SRI's to just make me feel good...about being really sick. Then, through a referral by a friend, I saw Dr Patel.

CIRS. The diagnosis fit. Dr Patel guides you through the recovery process, which is long, and requires tremendous personal sacrifice. Diet, belongings, job, mental outlook. All of these things require tearing down and rebuilding your entire outlook on life / disease. Dr Patel gives the advice and treatment to manage a complex illness to a successful end...

He has the years of experience to successfully guide you to back health. There are no corners to be cut, no rules can be bent.

I have always appreciated his candid manner, and reflect back on my own `flexible' interpretation of his advice. I thank Dr Patel, for always giving sound advice / medicine and re-enforcement that all of the life adjustments being asked for are just as important, if not more important than the medicine itself.

Dr Patel understands the complexity of these illnesses and prescribes the medicine that you need to recover from complex chronic illness. I cannot give him a higher recommendation.

Chris V.

I've been under Dr P's care for just over 2 years now. In that time I've gone from being completely bed bound and on disability, to working full time and recently I've been able to return to working out and yoga. Dr P and his staff have managed my ups and downs, medical complications and set backs. I can't say the journey didn't come with doubts, or that it was easy, but I'm coming out on the other side and I owe my life and health to him. I very highly recommend him to anyone seeking help for mold, lyme & co-infections, or any sort of mystery illness that your doctors haven't been able to figure out. Thank you Dr Patel and Suzy for all you do! Us lymies can be emotional, pains in the a**, but we wouldn't get better without your patience, and we appreciate you.

Laura S.

Something was seriously wrong with me and no one could tell me what it was. I sought out every specialist that would see me, and everyone looked perplexed and said they had no idea what was going on with my health. I knew I had Lyme disease...I had been treated for it for years...but this wasn't part of the Lyme... I finally stumbled across Dr. Raj Patel, and for the first time, someone knew exactly what was wrong with me. I had toxic mold exposure...

It explained all the symptoms I was having, and we even tested the buildings at my college where I spent the most time, and sure enough--toxic black mold.

So we finally had the diagnosis, but I soon learned that it was going to be a really long and REALLY slow road ahead. Dr. Patel is extremely thorough, and explained that we needed to go after the viruses, bacteria, Lyme, and mold, to finally get me feeling good again. And he insisted that above all I needed to completely limit my exposure to all mold. I couldn't live in mold. Work in mold. Spend time in any place that had mold...or my treatment just wouldn't work, and I would only get worse.

For the first year of seeing him, I didn't follow his advice. I took every single medicine, but I continued to be in buildings I knew had mold. I had been dealing with Lyme disease for 10 years...I knew how to fight through things... But it became apparent that this wasn't something I could just fight through. I became worse and worse, until I couldn't function. Finally, a year ago, I hit rock bottom. I was too weak to lift my arms up. Brush my hair. Make food. Too weak to do anything but lay in bed. Finally after discussing it with my parents, we decided to do things his way. We had wasted a year only getting worse. I had nothing left to lose.

Dr. Patel explained that if I truly wanted to get better, I now had to stop going into buildings entirely. He said even 2 minutes at the grocery store might expose me to too much mold, and mess up our treatment protocol. He said for the next 6-9 months I couldn't go anywhere except doctors appointments, and during those I would wear my charcoal face mask.

And thus started my year of doing nothing but trying to get well. I followed what Dr. Patel said down to the smallest details. I was taking medicine nearly every fifteen minutes all throughout the day. I completely changed my diet. I wanted to get better, and this man truly believed I would.

For months I didn't feel better. It was so hard to keep following the protocol when I didn't see any improvement. But I just kept doing it. Slowly we checked different viruses and bacteria off the list, and made our way towards starting the medicine VIP, which was the final stage of treatment. Then everything changed.

I had energy. I started to be able to exercise--something the Lyme had prevented me from doing for the past 10 years. I could run. Do yoga. Climb stars. And the most amazing part was that my recover time had gone from needing days in bed after a 4 minute walk, to just resting on the couch for 5 minutes after a 10 minute RUN! By treating both the Lyme and the mold together, my symptoms became almost nonexistent. I was on antibiotics for the Lyme for ten years before seeing Dr. Patel. I couldn't get off of them without having a full relapse, but Dr. Patel told me and my family in our first appointment that he would get me off of them. We had no idea that that's exactly what he would do. I have been off antibiotics for 8 months now and feel fantastic.

Dr. Patel has truly saved my life. I feel healthier now than I ever have before. And I know now how important it will be from here on out for me to limit my exposure to mold. There were so many times I wanted to stop my mold treatment because it wasn't helping, but I am SO grateful that I kept going. I have my life back, and it's because of Dr. Raj Patel.


In 2011 my husband and I remodeled our house. The process was very intense and stressful and it completely wiped out my immune system. As we completed the remodel all hell started to break loose in my body. Within three months I had become disabled and bed ridden. I bounced from specialist to specialist and no one could find what was wrong with me...

...I had countless blood draws and procedures, which had cost me $15K and still I didn’t have an answer and I was continuing to get worse. I literally thought I was dying. By this time I had 40+ symptoms. Every system in my body was affected. My primary care doctor told me she thought that I was just depressed and that I didn’t know it, but that my body was showing it. Out of all of my symptoms not one of them was depression. It’s just appalling how I was treated. The real problem was that no one did the right tests.

Dr. Patel was the 14th doctor I went to on this journey, and he was the first doctor that listened to me and went after a true diagnosis. He also was the only doctor that had an understanding of the entire body. The specialist that I went to only knew their specialty. He was incredibly thorough in his testing and finally I got an answer, I was suffering from Lyme disease, co-infections and parasites. I was one sick woman.

Looking back I now realize that I have had symptoms for decades stemming from a tick that my dad pulled off of me as a kid. The stress of the remodel was the tipping point for me.

Since my own diagnosis, my two sons, my dad and my sister have also tested positive with Lyme disease. We are all patients of Dr. Patel’s. I trust him with my family.

The beauty of the way Dr. Patel practices is that he has each one of us on our own individualized program. One size does not fit all. He listens to me and encourages me to have a say in my treatment. Appointments are ½ an hour long and at least 90% of the time he is right on schedule. There is nothing easy about treatment, but it is completely worth it as I get better and better.

Suzy, his nurse is amazing too. She is an expert in her field and has helped me countless times.

I can’t recommend Dr. Patel’s practice highly enough. He has saved my life and the lives of my family too.

Joanna B.

In my early 20's I was experiencing strange and seemingly unrelated medical symptoms. Each series of doctor visits would play out the same, beginning with a doctor telling me that it was strange for a girl my age to be experiencing such maladies and reassuring me that they would get to the bottom of it. After a few tests, the doctor would say that there was nothing wrong with me and send me away. Then each indication would disappear on its own and a new one would appear about a month later...

After a while, the doctors started looking at me sideways and I began to wonder if I was just being a baby. I wondered if these were just aches and pains of daily living and if I should just learn to “suck it up.” So that's what I did, until my mom became seriously ill. She found Dr. Patel in the nick of time who diagnosed her with Lyme Disease and she began treatment. It was then that I found out what typical Lyme symptoms were and began to wonder about myself. Then there was a realization that my mom has had Lyme for much longer than we previously thought (decades) and there was a possibility that she passed it to me during gestation. I went to Dr. Patel, tested positive for Lyme and a few co-infections, and started treatment.

Dr. Patel is unbelievably thorough in his testing and treatment protocol. It is obvious that his goal isn't only to heal your ailment, but to make your overall health better than you could ever conceive of. We are still doing some clean-up work, but I am Lyme free for the first time and it's great. I feel better and have more energy than I have in a really long time and we're still moving forward. I can't imagine how fantastic I'll be feeling when he's done with me, and wait to see what that looks like. I have learned so much about myself along the way, have a new appreciation for life, and will never take this body of mine for granted again! Thank you Dr. Patel for helping me and for saving my mom. I am eternally grateful for you and wish there were more doctors like you who genuinely care about their patients. Everybody deserves a Dr. Patel in their life!

Bianca S.

I had Lyme for four years before I met Dr Patel. I lost my job, my insurance, my house, my savings, and most of my friends. I felt overwhelmed by the illness and by the complicated treatments. I was going under.

When I met Dr Patel I felt immediately that he could help me because he had not only the medical expertise but such a positive, inspiring attitude...

...He addressed every aspect of my condition -- physical, emotional, and spiritual. He took the time to explain the treatment protocols and why they were necessary. He gave me the information, motivation, and encouragement I needed to follow an extremely challenging treatment plan for over three years.

There were many ups and downs and difficult days, but I was able to stay with it. I felt that I was on a winning team – Dr. Patel, my acupuncturist, the practitioners who did my testing and desensitization, the companies who provided the remedies, and me. I worked very hard for a long time and it paid off. One day I tested negative for Lyme. I could hardly believe it. Six months later, my symptoms were still gone and I tested negative again. Now I believe it. I got my life back!

Carol R., R.N.

Dr. Patel is the most knowledgable doctor I have ever seen. I have struggled with a number of undiagnosed issues for years, and have seen doctors who are suppose to be the best in their specialty. Yet none of them could help. Dr. Patel diagnosed my condition. Because of Dr. Patel I feel significantly better, and I am able to lead a much fuller life!

Grace J.

I was fortunate enough to land in Dr. Patel's care after many years of mysterious symptoms that eventually escalated to a debilitating illness in January, 2009. After baffling dozens of doctors, Dr. Patel was the only one who took the time, listened, and actually showed an interest in figuring out what was going on....I sensed right away that I had finally found the medical professional who was going to help me...what a relief!

In February 2009, I tested positive for Lyme disease, several coinfections, and a couple of other "byproducts" of a long-term, compromised immune system. It was during that appointment that Dr. Patel explained that the healing process would be long (1-2 years, maybe more), but promised to give me my life back. I am here to say that this doctor definitely keeps his promises...

Dr. Patel demonstrated a remarkable understanding of Lyme and associated illnesses, provided appropriate and customized treatment along the way, and amazing care and attentiveness that, in my opinion, far surpassed the care of any physician that I had seen in the past.

I've also got to say that Dr. Patel's staff goes above and beyond the call of duty as well (sometimes I think that Suzy is an angel in disguise :-)...from the nurses , office staff, to the front desk, everyone was so helpful, efficient, and caring. I can't imagine traveling this road in any other place. The journey's been long, but I feel better than I can ever remember. Anyone who has been down a similar road knows that there is no better gift. Thank you Dr. P, I am forever grateful!

Cheryl F.

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