COVID-19 Update from Medical Options for Wellness

April 2, 2020

Dear patients and families,

As this global pandemic unfolds, Medical Options for Wellness has been working around the clock to figure out how we can best provide essential functions to our patients while still caring for our staff. We know many of you are concerned not just for yourself but your families. We are understandably experiencing an increased volume of calls regarding COVID19. We hope the following information provides all of you with some guidance and bring you some peace of mind.

First and foremost, we must all step back and think about how we can be a part of the solution. Our world is suffering but we can slow the spread of this virus if we, as a community, can follow the shelter-in-place guidelines and allow our health care system time to minimize the severity of this disease.

At this time, the state of California is limited in its testing capacity with delayed result reporting. This is resulting in lab companies prioritizing hospitals over out-patient care. If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms and concerned that you have contracted COVID19, it is best to follow-up with your primary care doctor or insurance company’s telemedicine team. They can assist you in providing testing center information in your area. If you have found a testing center that requires a doctor’s order, we can provide this for you if your primary care doctor is overloaded.

We at Medical Options for Wellness are taking the following measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and patients:

1. All office visits are conducted via Zoom or Phone Consultations. You will be receiving an e-mail with the meeting information. Please note that in light of the current events, insurances are covering telemedicine. It is important to reach out to your carrier whether they are covering video and/or phone visits to better assess your needs.

2. All supplements and test kits will be shipped to you. We will try to have items shipped directly from the pharmacy or lab company to minimize shipping costs.

3. We will not be offering Rejuvenation Lounge modalities at this time (e.g. Vasper, Zazz, Ionic Foot Bath, etc.).

4. The IV lab will be open for shortened hours for blood draws and essential procedures only. To maintain social distancing recommendations, we will only have 2 patients in the IV lab or waiting room at any given time. We ask that all patients come with their own face mask or face covering.

5. For everyone’s protection, you will notice that all staff will be wearing masks while in the office.

Please understand that we are navigating through this unprecedented time together. We ask for your patience with us as we try to respond as quickly as possible to your needs. There may be delays in non-urgent matters, referrals, prescriptions and forms. We will get it done. We are here for you and care deeply about your health.

Be positive, be healthy and stay strong,

Drs. Raj Patel, M.D.